Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Usual Nickname, Unexpected Name--Lola

Again, not really a "usual" nickname, but the poor nickname of an outdated name. Another example of the archaic R to L shift, Lola was originally a nickname for Dolores. Thanks to a few different songs and the German film Run Lola Run, Lola has stayed out of obscurity, and is even rapidly gaining popularity in many areas. But, if you want to further distance Lola from her "sorrowful" roots (Dolores is Spanish for "pains" or "sorrows"), a few options are nice.

  • Anatola (ahn-ah-TOH-lah, Polish)
  • Bellona (bel-LO-nah, Latin)--Roman goddess of war
  • Carlota (cahr-LOH-tah, Spanish)--feminine form of Charles
  • Carola (cahr-OH-lah, German)--another feminine form of Charles
  • Finola (fin-OH-lah, Irish, Scottish)--anglicized from Fionnuala. Another form is Fionola.
  • Hannelore (HAH-nah-lor-ah, German)
  • Ilona (ee-LOH-nah, Hungarian)--form of Helen
  • Lorelei (LOH-reh-lye, German)
  • Lorena (loh-REH-nah, Spanish)--form of Lorraine
  • Lorenza (loh-REN-zah, Italian)--feminine form of Laurence
  • Paloma (pah-LOH-mah, Spanish)
  • Valora (vah-LOH-rah, Esperanto)--"valuable"

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  1. Can I tell you that you are one of my favorite bloggers?? I love your perspective and the names you find!