Thursday, May 10, 2012

Same Name?!--Derek

Derek has had an interesting journey. A staple 80s boy-name, it's got a surprising amount of history--and undergone some interesting changes over the centuries.

Original Germanic (Gothic) form: Thiudareiks
Latinized form: Theodoric (thee-oh-DOH-rik)
Modern English form: Derek (DEH-rek)

Other forms:
  • Dederick (DED-er-ik)--archaic English
  • Diederick (DEE-der-ik)--Dutch
  • Dietrich (DEET-rik)--German
  • Dirk (DEERK or DERK)--German, English
  • Thierry (tye-REE)--French
  • Tjodrek (TYOH-drek)--Norwegian
  • Tudor (TOO-dor)--Welsh

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