Saturday, May 19, 2012

Usual Nickname, Unexpected Name--Mac/Max

Max is definitely a rising star. Max itself sits just outside the top 100, with Maxwell, Maximus, Maximilian,  Maximiliano, & Maxim all in the top 500. Its appeal is multifaceted--it's short, obviously masculine, has that ever-cool X, and is familiar but not overused. The often-interchangeable Mac has that same sort of vibe. It, however, is not on the rise; I can only assume because of the lack of X, and because Mac-names are just so trendy for girls right now.

  • Cormac (KOR-mak, Irish)
  • Macario (mah-KAR-yoh, Spanish)--from Greek, "blessed, happy"
  • Macsen (MAK-sen, Welsh)--form of Maximus
  • Madoc (MAH-dok, Welsh)--"generous". Usually Anglicized as Maddox.
  • Magnus (MAG-nus, Latin)--"great" [really, I'm not pulling this out of, somewhere--Mac historically was a nickname for Magnus!]
  • Makaio (mah-kye-oh, Hawaiian)--form of Matthew
  • Makoto (mah-koh-toh, Japanese)--"sincerity"
  • Makram (mak-ram, Arabic)--"generous"
  • Malachi (MAL-ah-kye, Hebrew)--"my angel"
  • Malachy (MAL-ah-kee, Irish)--Anglicized from Maeleachlainn
  • Malcolm (MAL-com, Scottish)
  • Maleko (mah-leh-koh, Hawaiian)--from of Mark
  • Mannix (MAN-niks, Irish)--Anglicized from Mainchin or Mac Aonghuis
  • Maxence (maks-AWNS, French)--form of Maximus

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