Friday, May 4, 2012

Uncommon 'iana's

One of the biggest trends in girls' names right now is the unisex name. As a result, a couple (often overlapping) counter-trends have emerged-- the "old lady names", and the elegant, flowy, and even frilly, "NOT A BOY!" names. Although obviously-feminine monikers can take many forms, none seems more widespread than the '____iana's. From the vintage (Liliana), to the imported (Gianna), to the invented (Aubriana), they're all over the top 1000. But, since many of them have been in steady use for decades, even centuries, the trend doesn't seem overplayed...yet.
So, looking for an obviously feminine name that's uncommon (let's say, not in the combined spelling top 200), but familiar, thanks to that lovely ending? Here we go!

  • Aureliana (aw-reh-lee-AH-nah, Italian)--from Latin, "golden"
  • Bibiana (bee-BYAH-nah, Italian & Spanish)
  • Christiana (kris-tee-AH-nah, English)--Other forms include Cristiana & Kristiana.
  • Cipriana (see-pree-AH-nah or chee-pree-AH-nah, Spanish, Italian, & Romanian)--from Latin, "of Cyprus"
  • Daciana (dah-CHYAH-nah, Romanian)
  • Damiana (dah-MYAH-nah, Italian)--feminine of Damian.
  • Emiliana (eh-meel-YAH-nah, Italian & Spanish)
  • Fabiana (fah-BYAH-nah, Italian & Spanish)
  • Feliciana (feh-lee-CHYAH-nah, Italian; or feh-lee-SYAH-nah, Spanish)--feminine of Felix/Feliciano.
  • Floriana (flohr-ee-AH-nah, Italian)--"flower"
  • Graciana (grah-SYAH-nah, Spanish)
  • Liviana (lee-VYAH-nah, Italian)
  • Luciana (loo-CHYAH-nah, Italian; or loo-SYAH-nah, Spanish)--"light"
  • Mariana (mair-ee-AH-nah or mahr-YAH-nah, English, Spanish, & Portuguese)
  • Oriana (oh-RYAH-nah, Italian)--"gold"
  • Sebastiana (seh-bahs-TYAH-nah, Italian)
  • Tatiana (taht-YAH-nah, Latin)
  • Tiziana (tee-TSYAH-nah, Italian)--feminine of Titus
  • Valeriana (val-ehr-ee-AH-nah, Latin)

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