Monday, June 4, 2012

Same Name?!--Margaret

I actually had to go and double-check previous posts to make sure I haven't done this one yet. How on earth have I missed Margaret? A classic girls' name that's been slowly declining for decades, it's actually still in the SSA's top 200. And being the name of several saints, the permutations of Margaret have spread throughout the western world.

Original Greek form: Margarites [Μαργαριτης] (mahr-gah-REE-tes)
Latin form: Margarita (mahr-gah-REE-tah)
English form: Margaret (MAHR-gah-ret)

Other forms:
  • Maarit (MAH-rit)--Finnish
  • Mairéad (mah-RAID)--Irish
  • Mairead (MYE-ret)--Scottish
  • Małgorzata (mow-gohr-ZHAH-tah)--Polish
  • Maret (MAH-ret)--Estonian
  • Margalit (mahr-gah-LEET)--Hebrew
  • Margaretha (mahr-gah-RET-tah)--Dutch, German
  • Marged (MAHR-ged)--Welsh
  • Margery (MAHR-jer-ee)--Medieval English
  • Margit (MAHR-git)--Hungarian
  • Margita (mahr-GEE-tah)--Slovak
  • Margriet (mahr-KHREET)--Dutch
  • Marguerite (mahr-gah-REET)--French
  • Marit (MAH-rit)--Scandinavian
  • Marketta (MAHR-ket-tah)--Finnish
  • Mererid (MEH-reh-reed)--Welsh
  • Merete (meh-REH-teh)--Danish

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  1. Yaaaay! Mairéad's name finally mentioned somewhere. It may not be much but it makes me super excited! lol