Friday, August 24, 2012

Unearthly Creatures--Nymphs

I've done quite a few mythological name lists, but it occurred to me that limiting myself to gods & goddesses, and a few heroes and tragic figures, I've missed a ton of cool names & stories.
I was originally just going to do two lists--humans & non, but there are a ton of Greek nymphs! They'll need a list all their own.

Nymphs were minor deities, the personifications of various parts of nature--water, forest, earth, heavens/sky, or underworld--and they were all female.
Although 'nymph-' doesn't exactly have the best connotation in modern English, the nymphs of Greek mythology were not sex-crazed spirits--rather, many tales revolve around them running away from over-amorous gods!

(note: this is nowhere near a complete listing--just a compilation of a few names that are relatively "easy" in English!)
  • Acantha (ah-KAHN-thah)
  • Aethria (EYE-three-ah, ETH-ree-ah)
  • Alcyone (al-SYE-on-ee)
  • Anthe (AN-thee)
  • Arethusa (ah-reh-THOO-sah)
  • Asia (ah-SEE-ah, AY-zhah)
  • Caliadne (kal-ee-AHD-nee)
  • Calypso (kah-LIP-soh)
  • Corycia (koh-REE-see-ah)
  • Cyane (SYE-an-ee)
  • Danais (DAN-ah-is, dah-nah-EES)
  • Daphne (DAF-nee, DAHF-neh)
  • Deaira/Daira (deh-EYE-rah / DYE-rah)
  • Dione (dee-OH-nee)
  • Doris (DOH-ris)
  • Echo (EH-koh)
  • Eidothea (ay-doth-EH-ah)
  • Electra (el-EK-trah)
  • Ephyra (eh-FEE-rah)
  • Eudora (yoo-DOH-rah)
  • Eurydice (yoo-RID-ih-see)
  • Euadne/Evadne (yoo-AHD-nee / ev-AHD-nee)
  • Eupheme (yoo-FEE-mee)
  • Ianeira (yan-AY-rah)
  • Ianthe (ee-AN-thee, YAN-theh)
  • Ione (eye-OH-nee, EYE-oh-nee, YOH-neh)
  • Kallirhoe/Calliroe (kal-lih-ROH-ee)
  • Kallisto (kah-LEES-toh)
  • Karya/Carya (KAHR-ee-ah)
  • Klaia (KLYE-ah)
  • Kleodora/Cleodora (kleh-o-DOH-rah)
  • Koronis/Coronis (kor-OH-nis)
  • Lara (LAH-rah)
  • Larisa (lah-REE-sah)
  • Lilaia (lil-EYE-ah)
  • Maia (MYE-ah)
  • Memphis (MEM-fis)
  • Melaina (mel-EYE-nah)
  • Melia (MEL-ee-ah)
  • Melissa (meh-LIS-sah)
  • Merope (MEHR-oh-pee)
  • Morea (mor-EH-ah)
  • Neaira (neh-EYE-rah)
  • Nephele (NEF-el-ee)
  • Nomia (nom-EE-ah)
  • Oenone (ee-NOH-nee)
  • Orseis (or-SEH-is)
  • Phoebe (FEE-bee)
  • Rhene (REE-nee)
  • Samia (sah-MEE-ah)
  • Sose (SOH-see)
  • Thetis (THEH-tis)

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