Wednesday, August 1, 2012

O My...

(bonus points if you read the title in George Takei's voice)

Like I, O is a relatively rare first letter in American names. Olivia may the the #3 girls name in the U.S., but you have to go down the list quite a ways to find the next O-name--Olive, at #423! The boys have a few more options, with Owen and Oliver in the top 100, and Oscar and Omar in the top 200, but still, that's not much.
So if you want a name that stands out, forget J, K, & Z! Use an O name. :)

  • Obadiah (oh-bah-DYE-ah, Hebrew)--"servant of God"
  • Oberon (OH-ber-on, English)--form of Aubrey
  • Obrad (OH-brahd, Serbian)--"brings joy"
  • Octavio (ohk-TAHV-yoh, Spanish; ahk-TAY-vee-oh, English)
  • Omri (OHM-ree, Hebrew)
  • Onisim (AHN-ee-seem, Russian)
  • Oran (OH-ran, Irish)--Also spelled Orrin.
  • Orbán (OHR-bahn, Hungarian)--form of Urban.
  • Oren (oh-REN, Hebrew)
  • Oroitz (oh-royts, Basque)--"memory"
  • Orson (OHR-son, English--from French, "little bear"
  • Orvar (OHR-vahr, Swedish)--from Norse, "arrow"
  • Oswin (OZ-win, English)
  • Otis (OH-tis, English)--from of Otto.
  • Otto (AHT-toh, English; AW-toh, German)--"wealth"
  • Ozan (oh-ZAHN, Turkish)--"bard"

  • Octavia (ohk-TAHV-yah, Spanish; ahk-TAY-vee-ah, English)--Italian form is Ottavia.
  • Odilia (oh-DEE-lee-ah, Germanic)--feminine of Otto. Other forms include Ottilie (aw-TEE-lee-eh, German; or oh-tee-lee, French), Odalys (oh-DAH-leez, Spanish), Odelia (oh-DEH-lee-ah, English), and Odette (oh-DET, French, English).
  • Ofelia (oh-FEH-lyah, Spanish, Italian)--form of Ophelia. French form is Ophélie (oh-fay-LEE).
  • Oihana (oy-ah-nah, Basque)--"forest"
  • Olalla (oh-LAH-yah, Spanish)--form of Eulalia
  • Olwen (OHL-wen, Welsh)
  • Onóra (on-OH-rah, Irish)--form of Honora
  • Oona (OO-nah, Irish, Finnish)
  • Opal (OH-pal, English)
  • Orinthia (oh-RIN-thee-ah, English)
  • Orla (OHR-lah, Irish)--"golden princess"
  • Orsolya (OHR-shoh-yah, Hungarian)--form of Ursula
  • Osanna (oh-ZAHN-nah, Italian)--from Biblical term hosanna. French form is Osanne.

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