Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Usual Nickname, Unexpected Name--Tess

Teresa is the perfect example of a trendy full name dying, and its nickname rising to take its place. It peaked around 1960, and was surpassed by Tessa in the mid-90s. Although Teresa isn't unheard of for a new babe, it's definitely not rising in popularity, either. Tessa on the other hand, is becoming more common--not the mercurial rise of a trendy name; but the gradual, rambling climb of a modern classic.
Understandably, Tess still feels a bit too nickname-y; and if you're hoping for a rarer name, Tessa isn't likely to fit the bill for much longer.

  • Teresia (teh-RAY-see-ah, Scandinavian; teh-RAY-zee-ah, German)--form of Teresa. Also spelled Theresia.
  • Teodosia (teh-oh-DOHS-yah, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish)--"giving to God"
  • Tesni (TES-nee, Welsh)
  • Tessan (TES-sahn, Swedish)--another form of Teresa [usually only a nickname for Teresia]
  • Tethys (TEE-this, TETH-is, Greek)--Greek goddess [Titan] of the sea
  • Thais (tah-EES, French, Portuguese)--Russian form is Taisiya (tah-ee-SEE-ah)
  • Tressa (TRES-sah, Irish)--Anglicized from Treasa, "strength"

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  1. I really like your Usual Nickname, Unusual Name posts. They're a lot of fun. A book I was reading a while back had a character named Thomasina who went by Tessa.