Monday, November 5, 2012

Holy Crap! Nameberry!

I mean really--holy crap! I just logged on to find my page-views skyrocketing, and the culprit is a post by Abby Sandel of the fantastic Appellation Mountain. My astonished thanks to her, and welcome to random Nameberry viewers, since chances are if you're reading this, you followed her link here.

I'm a bit embarrassed, since I made the Modern Name Generator on a playful whim (and it is completely tongue-in-cheek, BTW!), and never actually expected anyone other than a few friends to find amusement in it. I'm quite proud of the girls' output, but the boys'...well, it's still a bit rough. Definitely. As it's nearly 2am here, I won't be taking the time to tweak it now, but it's shot to the top of my freetime priority list, that's for sure! So just stick to the girls' until then. ;)

Again, humble thanks for the link, Abby; and readers, if you somehow got here by some other way, you should go check out both Nameberry & Appellation Mountain. It's an honor to be mentioned on the same page as them. :)

1 comment:

  1. I love your blog and the name generator! I actually did a post on it and that's how she found it I think! Congrats!