Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Same Name?!?--Mini Grab Bag (Girls)

Quite frequently, I come across a name with a couple interesting variants, but not enough to dedicate an entire post to. I've been storing them away in the back of my mind, and I think I've collected enough for now. Girls' names today, and a little list of boys' names soon....and probably a few more grab-bag posts down the line (I love doing 'same name' posts--language is fun!).

  • Amy (AY-mee, English)
    • Aimee (eh-MAY, French)
    • Amada (ah-MAH-dah, Spanish)
  • Evelyn (EV-el-in, English)
    • Avelina (av-eh-LEE-nah, Germanic)
    • Eibhlín (EYE-leen, Irish)--anglicized to Eileen/Aileen
  • Guinevere (GWIN-eh-veer, English)
    • Gaynor (GAY-nor, English)
    • Ginevra (jin-EV-rah, Italian)
    • Jenifer (JEN-ih-fer, Cornish, English)
  • Matilda (mah-TIL-dah, English)
    • Mafalda (mah-FAHL-dah, Italian, Portuguese)
    • Mahaut (mah-oh, French)
    • Maud (MAWD, English)
  • Sophia (soh-FEE-ah, English)
    • Sonya (SOHN-yah, Russian)
    • Zosia (ZAW-shah, Polish)

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