Saturday, November 3, 2012

People with People-Names, Round 2

Yeah, it's been a while. But, I kept coming across names I'd somehow missed the first time around, and my persnickety nature insists that I either add a whole bunch to the original post, or make a new one. I like sequels, so here're more names based on location/tribe.

  • Gaetano (gah-eh-TAH-noh, Italian)--from Latin, "of Caieta/Gaeta" [central Italy]
  • Laurence (LAW-rents, LOH-rents, English)--from Latin "of Laurentum" [western Italy]
  • Luke (LUEK, English)--from Greek, "of Lucania" [southern Italy]
  • Saveliy (sah-VEHL-ee, Russian)--from Latin, "of Sabine" [central Italy]
  • Sebastian (seh-BAS-tyen, English)--from Latin "of Sebaste" [central-eastern Turkey]

  • Cynthia (SIN-thee-ah, English)--from Greek, "of Kynthos" [Island of Delos, Greece]
  • Delphine (del-FEEN, French)--from Latin "of Delphi" [central-southern Greece]
  • Gaetana (gah-eh-TAH-nah, Italian)--feminine of Gaetano
  • Isaura (ee-SOW-rah, Portuguese, Spanish)--from Latin, "of Isauria" [central-southern Turkey]
  • Jocelyn (JOS-el-in, English)--from the Germanic tribe Gaut/Goth [prob. originally Scandinavian; spread thoughout Europe]
  • Magdalene (MAG-dah-leen, English)--from Latin, "of Magdala" [prob. Migdal, Israel]
  • Romola (ROH-moh-lah, Italian)--from Latin, "of Rome"
  • Sidonie (see-doh-NEE, French; sih-DOH-nee, English, zee-DOH-nee-eh, German)--from Latin, "of Sidon" [Saida, Lebanon]
  • Svea (SVAY-ah, Swedish)--"of Sweden"
  • Sveva (SVAY-vah, Italian)--from the Germanic tribe Suebi [originally Swabia, Germany; migrated to Portugal]

  • Devon (DEV-on, English)--from the Celtic tribe Dumnonii [south-west U.K.]
  • Indigo (IN-dih-goh, English)--from Greek, "of India"

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