Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Usual Nickname, Unexpected Name--Kai

Okay, technically, Kai is quite an established name in many parts of the world (with several different origins).
But, in the U.S., where nicknames like Ty for Tyler & Sy for Silas/Simon are fairly expected, I can see how Kai can feel incomplete, especially since Kyle is still quite a common name.

And yes, Kai is unisex, but it's overwhelmingly more common for boys in the U.S., and besides, boy-only posts are in the minority on this blog. :)

  • Arkaitz (ahr-kites, Basque)--"rock"
  • Caetano (kye-eh-TAH-noh, Portuguese)
  • Caius (KYE-us, Latin)--prob. the original form of Kai (in Europe)
  • Chaim (KHIME, Hebrew)--"life"
  • Ekain (eh-kine, Basque)
  • Ekaitz (eh-kites, Basque)--"storm"
  • Hezekiah (hez-eh-KYE-ah, Hebrew)--"God strengthens"
  • Ikaia (ee-kye-ah, Hawaiian)--form of Isaiah
  • Ikaika (ee-kye-kah, Hawaiian)--"strong"
  • Kaino (KYE-noh, Finnish)
  • Kaito (kah-ee-toh, Japanese)
  • Makaio (mah-kye-oh, Hawaiian)--form of Matthew
  • Malachi (MAL-ah-kye, Hebrew)--"my angel"
  • Micaiah (mih-KYE-ah, Hebrew)--original [unisex] form of Micah
  • Mordecai (MOHR-deh-kye, Hebrew)
  • Nikolai (NIK-oh-lye, Russian)--form of Nicholas

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