Sunday, February 10, 2013

Ideals & Imagery

While doing my virtue-names post a while back, I came across many names with meanings that weren't quite virtues. While naming your daughter Beauty would probably be seen as presumptuous (not to mention a bit too Disney), there are plenty of names that mean 'beauty', as well as many other poetic inspirations.

  • Argi (ahr-gee, Basque)--"light"
  • Argider (ahr-gee-dehr, Basque)--"beautiful light"
  • Arman (ahr-MAHN, Kazakh)--"dream"
  • Asher (ASH-er, English)--from Hebrew, "blessed"
  • Ayman (AY-man, Arabic)--"blessed, lucky"
  • Barak (bah-RAHK, Arabic)--"blessing"
  • Benedict (BEN-eh-dikt, English)--from Latin, "blessed"
  • Bhaskar (BHAHS-kar, Hindi)--"shining"
  • Cemal (jem-AHL, Turkish)--"beauty"
  • Daiki (dah-ee-kee, Japanese)--"great radiance" or "great & noble"
  • Enver (en-VEHR, Turkish, Albanian)--"radiance"
  • Eyal (eh-YAHL, Hebrew)--"strength"
  • Jamal (jah-MAHL, Arabic)--"beauty"
  • Kallias (KAHL-lee-as, Greek)--"beauty"
  • Kibwe (KEE-bweh, Swahili)--"blessed"
  • Krešimir (KRESH-ih-meer, Croatian)--"bringer of peace"
  • Macario (mah-KAHR-yoh, Spanish)--from Greek, "blessed"
  • Prakash (prah-KAHSH, Hindi)--"light"
  • Roshan (roh-SHAN, Persian)--"light"
  • Sisu (SEE-soo, Finnish)--"strength, willpower"
  • Taiki (tah-ee-kee, Japanese)--"great radiance"

  • Abha (ahb-hah, Hindi)--"splendor"
  • Aditi (ah-DEE-tee, Hindi)--"freedom"
  • Aiman (eye-MAHN, Kazakh)--"beauty of the moon"
  • Áine (AW-nyeh, Irish)--"radiance"
  • Aisling (AHSH-leeng, Irish)--"dream"
  • Aoibhe (EE-vah, Irish)--"beauty"
  • Argiñe (ahr-gee-nyeh, Basque)--"light"
  • Audrey (AW-dree, English)--"noble strength"
  • Beata (beh-AH-tah, Latin)--"blessed"
  • Bracha (BRAH-khah, Hebrew)--"blessing"
  • Caoimhe (KWEE-vah, Irish)--"beauty". Anglicized to Keeva.
  • Carwen (KAHR-wen, Welsh)--"pure love"
  • Daina (DAY-nah, Lithuanian; DYE-nah, Latvian)--"song"
  • Dipika (dee-PEE-kah, Hindi)--"light"
  • Duana (DOO-an-ah, Irish)--"poem, song"
  • Feray (feh-RYE, Turkish)--"radiance of the moon"
  • Fotini (foh-tee-NEE, Greek)--"light"
  • Gita (GEE-tah, Hindi)--"song"
  • Hikari (hee-kah-ree, Japanese)--"light"
  • Indira (IN-dih-rah, Hindi)--"beauty"
  • Jyoti (jyot-EE, Hindi)--"light"
  • Kanti (KAHN-tee, Hindi)--"beauty"
  • Kavita (KAH-vee-tah, Hindi)--"poem, poetry"
  • Keren (keh-rehn, Hebrew)--"ray of light"
  • Lesedi (leh-seh-DEE, Tswana)--"light"
  • Lucy (LOO-see, English)--from Latin, "light". Other forms include Lucia, Luce, Lucille, Lucette, Lux, Luz, and Luzia.
  • Luule (LOO-leh, Estonian)--"poetry"
  • Masego (mah-seh-hoh, Tswana)--"blessing"
  • Megumi (meh-goo-mee, Japanese)--"blessing"
  • Mele (meh-leh, Hawaiian)--"song"
  • Nadra (NAH-drah, Arabic)--"radiance"
  • Nima (NEE-mah, Arabic)--"blessing"
  • Noya (no-yah, Hebrew)--"beauty"
  • Nur (NOOR, Arabic)--"light". Other forms include Nuru (NOO-roo, Swahili).
  • Säde (SAD-eh, Finnish)--"ray of light"
  • Sana (SAH-nah, Arabic)--"brilliance"
  • Saoirse (SEER-shah, Irish)--"freedom"
  • Sanja (SAHN-yah, Croatian, Serbian)--"dream"
  • Shira (shee-rah, Hebrew)--"poetry"
  • Solveig (SOHL-vay, Scandinavian)--from Old Norse, "strength of the sun"
  • Svajonė (svah-YOH-nyeh, Lithuanian)--"dream"
  • Svatava (svah-tah-VAH, Czech)--"light" or "world". Another form is Svetlana (Russian, Slavic)
  • Thi (TEE, Vietnamese)--"poem"
  • Treasa (TRAH-sah, Irish)--"strength"

  • Amets (ah-mehts, Basque)--"dream"
  • Li (LEE, Chinese)--"reason" or "strength" [several other meanings possible depending on the characters]
  • Liron (lee-rohn, Hebrew)--"my song"
  • Noa (noh-ah, Hawaiian)--"freedom"
  • Ori (oh-ree, Hebrew)--"my light"
  • Shir (SHEER, Hebrew)--"song"

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