Monday, February 18, 2013

International Names, Part IIa (boys)

A long, long time ago, I did a couple posts on International Names (boys; girls)--names that were in use in many languages & cultures. Many have history/namesakes to account for their popularity, but many just seem to have a nice sound, easy to say in many languages.
So, I've tried to sort of narrow down what makes a name multi-lingual. In most languages that use Latin characters, letters almost always make the same sounds (vowels are the most variable). But, certain letters can vary greatly, as can certain vowel combinations (and it's usually English that messes those up).
Eliminating names with those letters/combinations results in a list of names with generally only one pronunciation. Thus, these are names that could become international names--they can be pronounced easily in different languages with little/no change.
 (of course, this is nowhere near a complete list, but rather one that fits in with current American trends)

  • Abbán (AB-ahn)
  • Abbas (AB-as, AHB-bas)
  • Abner (AB-ner)
  • Aksel/Axel (AK-sel, AHK-sel)
  • Alban (AL-ban, AHL-bahn)
  • Alden (AHL-den)
  • Arlo (AHR-loh)
  • Armas (AHR-mahs)
  • Barrett (BEHR-ret, BAHR-ret)
  • Basil (BAZ-il, BAH-sil)
  • Bennett (BEN-net)
  • Benno (BEH-noh)
  • Brendan (BREN-dan)
  • Derek (DEH-rek)
  • Dimitri (dee-MEE-tree)
  • Elliot (EL-lee-ot)
  • Emmett (EM-met)
  • Finnian (FIN-ee-an)
  • Ian (EE-an)
  • Idris (EED-rees, ID-ris)
  • Karsten (KAHR-sten)
  • Kasper (KAHS-per)
  • Kian (KEE-an)
  • Killian/Kilian (KIL-lee-an, KEEL-lee-an)
  • Kolman/Colman (KOHL-mahn)
  • Konrad/Conrad (KAWN-raht, KAWN-rad)
  • Korbin/Corbin (KOHR-bin, KOHR-been)
  • Larkin (LAHR-kin)
  • Lennart (LEN-ahrt)
  • Lennon (LEN-non)
  • Linden (LIN-den)
  • Marek (MAH-rek)
  • Matias/Mattias (mah-TEE-as)
  • Niko/Nico (NEE-koh)
  • Paskal/Pascal (pas-KAHL)
  • Preston (PRES-ton)
  • Rémi/Remi (ray-MEE, REH-mee)
  • Salman (SAHL-man)
  • Tobin (TOH-bin)
  • Torin (TOH-rin)
  • Torsten (TOR-sten)
  • Truman (TROO-man)
  • Tulio/Tullio (TOOL-ee-oh)

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