Saturday, February 2, 2013

Same Name?!?--Sarah

Sweet, classical Sarah. Thanks to the Biblical matriarch (and probably her meaning as well--"princess"), she's been common for generations. Her spike in the 80s means she's usually stereotyped as an "our generation" name, like Jessica or Heather, but surprisingly, she's still in the top 50.
Fairly simple in sound, Sarah/Sara is used throughout the world with very little alteration. Her diversity lies mainly in diminutives, many of which are now in use as given names.

Original Hebrew form: Sarah [שָׂרָה] (sah-RAH)

Other forms:
  • Kala (KAH-lah, Hawaiian)
  • Sadie (SAY-dee, English)
  • Saija (SYE-ah, Finnish)
  • Sally (SAL-lee, English)
  • Sari (SAH-ree, Finnish, Hungarian)
  • Sarit (sah-REET, Hebrew)
  • Sassa (SAHS-sah, Scandinavian) [also a form of Alexandra or Astrid]
  • Suri (SOO-ree, Yiddish)
  • Tzeitel (tZYE-tel, Yiddish)

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