Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Usual Nickname, Unexpected Name--Cam

Cam is one of the few nicknames I can easily see on either gender. Whether sort for Cameron and Camden for boys, or Cameron and Camilla (or more recently, Cambria) for girls, it's quite versatile.

(there is a surprisingly high number of coincident names in this post--names of different origins that are spelled/pronounced alike. Apparently 'kam' is a common construction in many languages!)

  • Camillo (kah-MEEL-loh, Italian)
  • Kamal (kah-MAHL, Arabic, Hindi)--"perfection" [Arabic]; "lotus" [Hindi]
  • Kambiz (kahm-BEEZ, Persian)
  • Kamen (KAH-men, Bulgarian)--"stone"
  • Kamik (kah-meek, Greenlandic, Bengali)
  • Kamil (KAH-meel, Arabic, Polish)--"perfect" [Arabic] or form of Camillo [Polish]

  • Camellia (kah-MEL-yah, kah-MEE-lee-ah, English)
  • Kamala (KAM-ah-lah, Hindi)--feminine of Kamal, "lotus"
  • Kamaria (kah-mah-REE-ah, Swahili)--from Arabic, "moon"
  • Kamarina (kah-mah-REE-nah, [Ancient] Greek)--nymph of the Sicilian city Kamarina. Also spelled Camarina.
  • Kamini (kah-MEE-nee, Hindi)
  • Kamma (KAHM-mah, Danish)

  • Camlin (KAM-lin, English)--from English, "camel-cloth seller", or Irish, "crooked line"
  • Kamea (kah-meh-ah, Hawaiian)
  • Kamon (kah-MOHN, Thai)--"heart" or "lily"

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