Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Usual Nickname, Unexpected Name--Rose

Rose, of course, is perfectly fine on its own. But, as Rosalie regains popularity, it may pave the way for other Rose-names. Everyone knows the usual English picks--Rosalind/Rosalyn, Rosamund, Rosemary--but there's so much more!

  • Rocío (roh-SEE-oh, Spanish)--"dew"
  • Rosabel (ROHZ-ah-bel, English)--Italian is Rosabella.
  • Rosalba (roh-ZAHL-bah, Italian)--"white rose"
  • Rosalia (roh-zah-LEE-ah, Italian, Spanish)--Other forms include Rosália (roh-SAHL-yah, Portuguese) & Rozalia (roh-zah-LEE-ah, German; roh-ZAHL-yah, Polish)
  • Rosaria (roh-ZAHR-yah, Italian)--"rosary". Other forms include Rosario (Spanish) & Rosaire (French).
  • Rosaura (roh-SOW-rah, Spanish)--from Latin, "golden rose" 
  • Rosella (roh-ZEL-lah, Italian)--French form is Roselle.
  • Roselore (roh-zeh-LOH-reh, German)--combination of Rosa & Eleonore.
  • Rosenda (roh-SEN-dah, Spanish)--from Germanic, "famous path"
  • Rosette (roh-ZET, French)--Italian is Rosetta.
  • Rosilda (roh-ZEEL-dah, Italian)
  • Rósinkara (ROH-seen-kah-rah, Icelandic)
  • Rositsa (roh-SEETZ-ah, Bulgarian)--"little rose". Also spelled Rosica
  • Rosine (roh-ZEEN, French)--Italian form is Rosina
  • Rósný (ROHS-nee, Icelandic)--"new rose"
  • Rossana (rohs-SAH-nah, Italian)--form of Roxana.
  • Roswitha (rohs-VEE-tah, German, Dutch)--from Germanic, "famous strength". Also spelled Roswita
  • Rozenn (ROH-zen, Breton)

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