Thursday, August 6, 2015

Son of a---!

I blame Alison & Madison. Despite "son" written straight out, many -son names are now trendy on girls. And while most of course mean "son of ____", not all do, and I set out to find them.
So if you're looking for a unisex (or "unisex") name, here are some -son names that are neither patronymics nor overwhelmingly more common on boys, as well as some -san/sen/sin/sun sound-alikes.

  • Aeson (EE-son, [Ancient] Greek)
  • Alison/Allison/Alyson (AL-is-on, English)--from French, diminutive of Alice. Another form is Alson.
  • Chanson (SHAHN-sohn, French [surname])--"singer"
  • Chryson (KRIS-on, KREE-sohn, [Ancient] Greek)--prob. "gold"
  • Crimson (KRIM-son, English)
  • Essan (ES-san, Swedish)--diminutive of Ester, Estrid, or Elisabeth
  • Gerson (GEHR-son, Dutch; JEHR-son, Portuguese; HEHR-son, Spanish)--form of Gershom
  • Kajsen (KYE-sen, Swedish)--diminutive of Karin/Katarina
  • Lisen/Lissen (LEE-sen, Swedish)--diminutive of Elisabeth, Alice, Melissa, or Louise/Lovisa
  • Lison (LEE-zohn, French)--diminutive of Elisabeth
  • Louison (loo-EE-zohn, French)--diminutive of Louis or Louise
  • Majsan (MYE-san, Swedish)--diminutive of Maja. Norwegian form is Maisen.
  • Mossen (MOHS-sen, Norwegian)--diminutive of Margareta or Maria
  • Orison (OR-is-on, English)--from Latin, "prayer"
  • Reason (REE-zon, English)
  • Season (SEE-zon, English)
  • Sessan/Sessen (SES-san, Swedish)--diminutive of Cecilia
  • Tamsin (TAM-sin, English)--feminine of Thomas
  • Tessan (TES-san, Swedish)--diminutive of Teresa/Teresia
  • Visen (VEE-sen, Swedish)--diminutive of Louise/Lovisa

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