Sunday, August 30, 2015

Usual Nickname, Unexpected Name--Dora/Dolly/Dotty

I know, it seems weird to group those together. But, Dolly & Dotty were nicknames for Dorothy thanks to that R-to-L/T/D shift that Middle English pulled (see also: Sarah --> Sadie; Mary --> Molly), so I think they could also work for any 'Dora' name. :)
The usual full names for Dora include Dorothy/Dorothea, DorisTheodora, & Isadora, although none are at all common today.
(I would also like you all to know that I now have the "Dora the Explorer" theme song stuck in my head. Gaaaaaaaaaaaaah.)

  • Adora (ah-DOR-ah, English, Spanish)--from Spanish adoración. Catalan form is Adoració.
  • Adorinda (ah-doh-REEN-dah, Esperanto)--"adorable"
  • Anesidora (ah-nee-sih-DOR-ah, [ancient] Greek)--"sender of gifts"
  • Cassiodora (kahs-see-oh-DOR-ah, [ancient] Greek)
  • Christodora (kris-toh-DOR-ah), [ancient] Greek)--"gift of Christ"
  • Cleodora (kleh-oh-DOR-ah, [ancient] Greek)--"gift of glory"
  • Devorah (deh-voh-RAH, Hebrew)--form of Deborah
  • Dinorah (dee-NOR-ah, Portuguese, Spanish)
  • Diodora (dee-oh-DOR-ah, [ancient] Greek)--"gift of Zeus"
  • Doralice (doh-rah-LEE-cheh, Italian; doh-rah-LEE-see, Portuguese)--poss. from Greek, "gift of the dawn". Other forms include Doralys (Spanish) & Doralise (English).
  • Doriane (doh-ree-AHN, French)--feminine of Dorian. Another form is Doriana (Italian, Portuguese).
  • Dorina (doh-REE-nah, Hungarian, Romanian)
  • Dorit (DOR-it, Scandinavian)--form of Dorothea
  • Eldora (el-DOR-ah, English)
  • Eudora (yoo-DOR-ah, English)--from Greek, "good gift"
  • Halldóra (HAL-doh-rah, Icelandic)--another form is Aldora (Norwegian)
  • Heliodora (ay-lee-oh-DOR-ah, Portuguese, Spanish)--from Greek, "gift of the sun"
  • Medora (meh-DOR-ah, English)
  • Menodora (men-ah-DOR-ah, [ancient] Greek)--"gift of the moon". Romanian form is Minodora.
  • Metrodora (met-roh-DOR-ah, [ancient] Greek)--"gift of the mother"
  • Midori (mee-doh-ree, Japanese)--"green"
  • Nicodora (nee-koh-DOR-ah, [ancient] Greek)--"gift of victory"
  • Polydora (pol-ee-DOR-ah, [ancient] Greek)--"many gifts"
  • Teodora (teh-oh-DOR-ah, Bulgarian, Italian, Spanish, Scandinavian)--form of Theodora. Other forms include Feodora (Russian) and Deodora (Norwegian).
  • Zenodora (zee-noh-DOR-ah, [ancient] Greek)--"gift of Zeus"

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