Sunday, May 8, 2016

Usual Nickname, Unexpected Name--Nora

Really? I haven't done Nora yet? Yikes, what an oversight! Nora is currently quite a popular name on its own, all over the world, but it was originally a nickname for Eleanor and related.

  • Arnora (ar-NOR-ah, Norwegian)--from Old Norse, "eagle of Thor"
  • Azenor (ah-ZEN-or, Breton)--French form is Azénor (ah-zay-NOR).
  • Dainora (day-NOH-rah, Lithuanian)--poss. "wish to sing"
  • Dianora (dee-ah-NOH-rah, Italian)--poss. a form of Eleanora
  • Dinorah (dee-NOH-rah, Spanish, Italian)--poss. related to Arabic nur "light". Also spelled Dinora.
  • Gunnora (goon-NOR-ah, [archaic] English)--from Old Norse, "spring battle" or "battle woman"
  • Gwenora (gwen-OR-ah, Cornish)--form of Guinevere/Jennifer
  • Honora (ah-NOR-ah, hah-NOR-ah, English, Irish)--from Latin, "honor". Other forms include Annora (an-NOR-ah, English), Enora (eh-NOH-rah, Breton, French), Honoria (ah-NOR-ee-ah, Latin), Honorata (ah-nor-AH-tah, Latin), Honorée (oh-noh-RAY, French), Honorina (ah-noh-REE-nah, Latin), Honorine (oh-noh-REEN, French), and Onóra (oh-NOR-ah, Irish).
  • Nordis (NOR-dees, Norwegian)--"northern goddess"
  • Norfrida (nor-FREE-dah, Norwegian)--"beautiful north"
  • Norilda (nor-EEL-dah, Spanish)--poss. from Germanic "north battle"
  • Norunn (NOR-oon [oo like in "took"], Norwegian, Swedish)--"northern wave"
  • Norveig (NOR-vye, Norwegian; NOR-vay, Swedish)--"northern strength"
  • Sonora (soh-NOR-ah, English)--poss. from Spanish señora "lady", or Mayan ts'onot "well, sinkhole"
  • Vanora (vah-NOR-ah, English, Scottish)--poss. a form of Guinevere/Jennifer

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