Sunday, May 22, 2016

Rare But Real (2015)

It's time for probably my favorite SSA-based post! Here are some of those rare gems given to only 5 babies last year.
(excluding those that appeared on previous lists: 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010)

  • Bertrand (BUR-trand, English; behr-TRAWN, French)--from Germanic, "bright shield"
  • Brennus (BREN-nus, [Latinized] Proto-Celtic)--poss. "prince" 
  • Dermot (DUR-mut, English, Irish)--anglicized from Diarmuid
  • Elior (el-ee-OR, Hebrew)--"God is my light"
  • Emyr (EH-meer, Welsh)--"king"
  • Quince (QUINS, English)
  • Stian (STEE-ahn, Scandinavian)--from Old Norse, "wanderer"

  • Ameline (ah-mel-EEN, French)--form of Emmeline
  • Berta (BUR-tah, English; BEHR-tah, German, Italian, Spanish, Scandinavian)--from Germanic, "bright"
  • Ceres (SEER-eez, KEHR-es, Latin)--"to grow". Roman goddess of agriculture.
  • Clodagh (KLOH-dah, Irish)--from the name of an Irish river, poss. "small stones" or "muddy"
  • Eliška (eh-LEESH-kah, Czech)--form of Elizabeth
  • Federica (feh-deh-REE-kah, Italian)--feminine of Frederick
  • Fiamma (fee-AHM-mah, Italian)--"flame"
  • Jedidah (jed-EYE-dah, [Biblical] Hebrew)--"beloved"
  • Lovisa (loo-VEE-sah, Swedish)--form of Louise
  • Merav (mehr-AHV, Hebrew)--"abundant"
  • Olivine (AHL-iv-een, English)
  • Raziela (rah-zee-EL-ah, Hebrew)--"my secret is God"
  • Romaisa (roh-MAY-sah, Arabic)--also transliterated as Rumaisa (roo-MAY-sah)
  • Trillium (TRIL-lee-um, English)

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