Wednesday, July 13, 2011

More Subtle than Blaze, Jagger, or Hawke

The girls sure do have the advantage when it come to word-names, don't they? Name your little girl 'Rose' or 'Honor' and it's "Awww!", but name your son 'Briar' or 'Valor' and it's "Are you a hippy?" Here're some more 'covert' ideas for giving your son a well-meaning moniker.
  • Adalwin (ad-AHL-win, Germanic)--"noble friend"
  • Alaric (AL-ah-rik, Germanic)--"ruler of all"
  • Alvar (al-VAHR, Swedish & Finnish)--"elf warrior"
  • Ansel (AN-sel, English)--"helmet of God"
  • Andor (AHN-dor, Norwegian)--"Thor's eagle"
  • Aurelio (aur-EY-lee-o, Italian & Spanish)--"golden"
  • Basil (BAH-sil, Arabic)--"brave"
  • Basil (BAZ-il, English)--"king"
  • Brennus (BREN-nus, Celtic)--"prince"
  • Cato (CAY-to, Latin)--"wise"
  • Conall (CON-all, Irish)--"strong wolf"
  • Conrí (CON-ree, Irish)--"wolf king"
  • Duncan (DUN-kan, Scottish)--"brown warrior"
  • Edric (ED-rik, English)--"blessed ruler"
  • Egon (EY-gon, German)--"edge of a sword"
  • Eilert (EYE-lert, Frisian)--"brave sword"
  • Elric (EL-rik, English)--"noble rule" 
  • Evander (ev-AN-der, Latin)--"good man"
  • Ezio (ETS-ee-o, Italian)--"eagle"
  • Frey (FRAY, Norse)--"lord"
  • Gerard (jer-AHRD, English)--"brave spear"
  • Haytham (HYE-tham, Arabic)--"young eagle"
  • Ivar (EYE-var or EE-var, Irish & Scottish)--"bow warrior"
  • Kavi (kah-vee, Indian [Hindi])--"wise man"
  • Kekoa (keh-koh-ah, Hawaiian)--"the brave one"
  • Leander (lee-AN-der, English)--"lion man"
  • Levent (lev-ent, Turkish)--"handsome"
  • Lyall (lye-ALL, English)--"wolf"
  • Perun (PERH-uhn, Slavic)--"thunder"
  • Roald (ROO-al, Norwegian; ROE-ald, English)--"famous ruler"
  • Savio (SAH-vee-o, Italian)--"clever"
  • Shea/Shay (SHAY, Irish)--"admirable"
  • Yorath (YOR-ath, Welsh)--"handsome lord"

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