Thursday, July 28, 2011

Usual Nickname, Unexpected Name: Addy

In bygone days, Addy was a nickname for the multicultural Adelaide. Today, she's much more likely to be short for the modern Addison. Addy-names are all rising in popularity, from the romantic Adelina to the modern creation Adalee to the "does it really need a nickname?" Adele. If you love the nickname, but want a more uncommon name to fall back on in a sea of Addys, here're some choices for you.

  • Adamina (a-dah-MEE-nah, English)
  • Adanna (ad-AN-ah, Nigerian [Igbo])
  • Adara (ah-DAR-ah, Hebrew)--"noble"
  • Adelais (ad-el-AH-ees, Germanic)
  • Adelia (ah-DEL-ee-ah, Spanish)
  • Adelita (ah-del-EE-tah, Spanish)
  • Adena/Adina (ah-DEE-nah, Hebrew)
  • Aderyn (ah-DER-in, Welsh)--"bird"
  • Adilet (ah-dih-let, Kyrgyz)--"justice"
  • Adrasteia (ah-dras-TAY-ah, Greek)--"doesn't run away"

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