Friday, July 15, 2011

Usual Nicknames; Unexpected Names: Andy

Andy is usually short for the Biblical Andrew and its feminine spin-off Andrea. If you love the nickname, but are bored with the usuals, here're some alternates.

  • Boys
    • Alexander/Alesander
    • Anand (AHN-and, Indian [Hindi])--"happiness"
    • Anders (AN-derz, Scandinavian)--form of Andrew
    • Andrius (AHN-dree-us, Lithuanian)--another form of Andrew
    • Antero (AHN-teyr-o, Finnish)--yet another form of Andrew
    • Armando (ar-MAHN-do, Italian, Spanish, & Portuguese)--"soldier"
    • Eskandar (es-KAN-dar, Iranian [Persian])--form of Alexander
    • Evander (ev-AN-der, Latin)--"good man"
    • Ferdinand (FER-de-nand, Germanic)--"brave journeyer"
    • Leander (lee-AN-der, Greek)--"lion man"
    • Loránd (LOR-ahnd, Hungarian)
    • Lysander (lye-SAN-der, Greek)
    • Rembrandt (REM-brahnt, Dutch)
  • Girls
    • Amandine (ahm-ahn-deen, French)
    • Andela (ahn-DEL-ah, Czech)--form of Angela
    • Andraste (an-DRAHST, Celtic)--Briton goddess of war
    • Anthea (an-THAY-ah, Greek)--"flower"
    • Celandine (SELL-an-deen, English)
    • Coriander (COR-ee-an-der, English)
    • Endzela (end-ZEL-a, Georgian)
    • Lavender (LAV-en-der, English)
    • Melisande (mel-ih-sahnd, French)
    • Miranda (meer-AN-da, English)--"wonderful"
    • Rosenda (roh-SEN-dah, Spanish)
    • Ruxandra (REWKS-ahn-dra, Romanian)--form of Roxana

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