Sunday, July 3, 2011

More Subtle than Princess, Diamond, or Heaven

Your name reflects who you are, or what your parents wanted for you. Word names are funny things--some are seen as quirky, but acceptable. Others are scoffed at by a good portion of society. So, you want to name your daughter Queen, but want to make sure she won't legally change her name the nanosecond she turns 18? Here're some less overt choices:
  • Adi (ah-DEE, Hebrew)--"jewel"
  • Alina (ah-LEE-nah, Arabic)--"noble"
  • Alya (AHL-ya, Arabic)--"heaven" or "sky"
  • Anthea (an-THAY-ah, Greek)--"flower"
  • Anwen (AHN-wen, Welsh)--"very beautiful"
  • Astrid (AST-rid, Scandinavian)--"beautiful goddess"
  • Bevin (BEY-vin, Irish)--"fair lady"
  • Bijou (bee-zhoo, French)--"jewel"
  • Calantha (cahl-AN-tha, Greek)--"beautiful flower"
  • Despina (DEHS-pee-na, Greek)--"lady"
  • Diantha (dye-AN-tha, Greek)--"heavenly flower"
  • Dulcibella (dul-see-BELL-a, Latin)--"sweet and pretty"
  • Donna (DAH-nah, Italian)--"lady"
  • Eirian (eye-REE-an, Welsh)--"bright"
  • Freya (FRAY-ah, Norse)--"lady", Norse goddess of love and beauty
  • Gytha (GEETH-a, English)--"beautiful goddess"
  • Inanna (in-AH-nah, Sumerian)--"lady of the sky", Sumerian goddess of love, earth, war, and fertility
  • Ixchel (ee-SHEL, Mayan)--"rainbow lady", Mayan goddess of the moon, earth, and medicine
  • Keeva (KEE-va, Irish)--"beautiful", traditionally spelled Caoimhe
  • Líadan (LEE-ah-dahn, Irish)--"grey lady" 
  • Mabel (MAY-bel, English)--"lovable"
  • Malika (mah-lee-kah, Arabic)--"queen"
  • Mio (mee-oh, Japanese)--"beautiful cherry blossom"
  • Mona (MOH-na, Irish)--"little noble one"
  • Naomi (nah-oh-mee, Japanese)--"honest and beautiful"
  • Nerys (NEHR-iss, Welsh)--"lady"
  • Neve (NEEV, Irish)--"bright", traditionally spelled Niamh
  • Orla (OR-la, Irish)--"golden princess"
  • Ourania (ou-RAN-ee-ah, Greek)--"heavenly", Greek muse of astronomy
  • Peninnah (pen-IN-nah, Biblical Hebrew)--"precious stone"
  • Rani (rah-nee, Indian [Hindi])--"queen"
  • Regina (re-GEE-na, Latin)--"queen"
  • Reina/Reyna (REY-na, Spanish)--"queen"
  • Rhiannon (ree-AN-on, Welsh)--"great queen", Welsh goddess of the moon and fertility
  • Ríona (ree-OH-nah, Irish)--"queen"
  • Sarah (SAIR-a, Biblical Hebrew)--"princess"
  • Talulla (tah-LOO-lah, Irish)--"princess of abundance"
  • Theia (THAY-ah, Greek)--"goddess"
  • Yakira (yah-KEER-ah, Hebrew)--"precious"
  • Ziva (ZEE-va, Hebrew)--"radiant"

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