Sunday, July 10, 2011

Usual Nickname, Unexpected Name: Annie

A good way to balance an unusual, rare, or heritage-name is with an easy, recognizable nickname. I plan on doing a series of these sorts of posts, and we'll start off with the sweet, timeless Annie. It's generally a nickname for the solid Anne or the Biblical Anna, but if you want something a little more spunky or eye-catching, here're some candidates.
  • Anaïs (ah-nah-ees, French)
  • Anandi (ah-nahn-dee, Indian [Hindi])--"happiness"
  • Anastasia (ah-nah-STAY-see-ah, Russian & Greek)
  • Anatolia (ah-nah-TOHL-ee-ah, Latin)--"sunrise"
  • Anfisa (ahn-FEE-sah, Russian)--"flower"
  • Aniela (ahn-YEL-ah, Polish)--form of Angela
  • Anina (ah-NEE-nah, German)
  • Anisa (ah-nee-sah, Arabic)--"friendly"
  • Annelien (ah-nah-LEEN, Dutch)
  • Annick (AHN-eek, Breton)
  • Annora (an-NOR-a, English)--Medieval form of Honora
  • Anouk (ah-NOOK, Dutch & French)
  • Ansa (AHN-sa, Finnish)--"virtue"
  • Anthea (an-THAY-ah, Greek)--"flower"
  • Anwen (AN-wen, Welsh)
  • Inanna (in-AHN-nah, Sumerian)
  • Lisanne (lee-SAHN-neh, Dutch)
  • Orianne (or-ee-an, French)--"golden"

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