Thursday, December 1, 2011

Same Name?!--Alice

This is one of my favorite name families! Like Elizabeth, Alice has some pretty surprising variants--or should I say, is, a surprising variant. The original form was the Germanic Adelheidis, and over time various syllables were cropped out in a plethora of ways.

Original Germanic form: Adelheidis (ah-del-hye-dis)
Modern English form: Alice (AL-is)

  • Adelaide (AD-el-ayd)--English
  • Adélaïde (ad-el-ah-EED)--French
  • Adelaide (ad-el-IDE-eh)--Italian
  • Adelais (AH-del-ay-ees)--Germanic
  • Aileas (AH-les or EH-les)--Scottish 
  • Ailís (AY-leesh)--Irish 
  • Aleida (AH-lye-dah)--Dutch, German
  • Alica (ah-LEE-tsah)--Slavic
  • Alicia (ah-LEE-sha or ah-LEE-syah)--English, Spanish 
  • Alida (ah-LEE-dah)--German
  • Alisa (ah-LEE-sah)--Russian 
  • Alison (AL-ih-son)--English, French
  • Alix (ah-LEEKS)--Medieval French
  • Aliz (AH-leez)--Hungarian
  • Alys (AL-is)--Welsh
  • Elke (EL-keh)--Frisian
  • Heidi (HYE-dee)--German, Scandinavian

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