Thursday, December 8, 2011

You're a God, Part D

I admit, I've having a lot of fun doing this series. Apparently, I'm not as well-taught in history & mythology nearly as well as I thought, and I'm learning quite a bit!
Today's god-names are Germanic, a family of mythology that includes Norse, Anglo-Saxon, and of course, ancient German.

  • Bragi (BRAHG-ee, Norse)--god of poetry
  • Delling (DEL-ling, Norse)--father of the day, poss. god of the dawn
  • Donar (DON-ar, Germanic)--god of thunder, healing, protector of mankind. Norse equivalent is Thor.
  • Freyr (FRAYR, Norse)--god of sunshine, rain, & fertility. Also written as Frey.
  • Odin (OH-din, Norse)--god of war, poetry, death, & wisdom (among others). Anglo-Saxon equivalent is Woden; Germanic is Wodan or Wotan.
  • Tyr (TYUR or TEERH, Norse)--god of combat & justice. Anglo-Saxon equivalent is Tiw; Germanic is Ziu.

  • Eir (AYRH, Norse)--healing goddess. Modern form is Eira.
  • Ostara (OS-tah-rah, Germanic)--poss. goddess of dawn, or goddess of spring. Anglo-Saxon form is Eostre, from which the holiday Easter gets its name.
  • Freyja (FRAY-yah, Norse)--goddess of love, war, beauty, & fertility (among others). Modern form is Freya.
  • Iðunn (ee-THUN [th like in 'that'], Norse)--goddess of youth. Modern form is Idun. Anglicized as Idunn or Ithun.
  • Saga (SAH-gah, Norse)--goddess of poetry & history. Possibly another name for major goddess Frigg.
  • Siv (SEEV, Norse)--earth goddess. Also spelled Sif.
  • Skaði (SKAH-thee [th like in 'that'], Norse)--goddess of mountains & hunting. Anglicized as Skadi or Skathi.
  • Sól (SOHL, Norse)--sun goddess. Germanic equivalent is Sunna.
  • Vár (VAHR, Norse)--goddess of oaths & promises. Also written as Vór.
  • Verðandi (ver-THAHN-dee [th like in that], Norse)--one of the three goddesses of destiny, the others being Urðr & Skuld. Anglicized as Verdandi or Verthandi.
  • Vör (VURH, Norse)--goddess of wisdom.

Names derived from deities:

  • Andor (AHN-dor)--Norwegian, "Thor's eagle"
  • Tollak (TOL-lak)--Norwegian, "Thor's play"
  • Tore (TOO-reh)--Scandinavian, "Thor's warrior". Variants include Thore & Ture.
  • Tormod (TOR-mod)--Norwegian, "Thor's mind"
  • Torsten (TOR-sten)--Norwegian, "Thor's stone". Variants include Thorsten (Swedish, Danish) & Torsti (Finnish)
  • Torvald (TOR-vald)--Scandinavian, "Thor's ruler"

  • Idonea (ih-DOHN-ee-ah)--English, from Iðunn. Variant is Idony.
  • Inga (EEN-gah)--Scandinavian, from Germanic fertility god Ing. Variants include Inka.
  • Ingrid (EEN-grid)--Scandinavian, German; "beautiful Ing". Variants include Inger (Scandinavian) & Inkeri (Finnish).
  • Thora (THOR-ah)--Scandinavian, from Thor
  • Toril (TOR-il)--Norwegian, "Thor's battle"
  • Tyra (TYE-rah or TEE-rah)--Scandinavian,  from Thor

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