Sunday, December 11, 2011

Same Name?!--Louis

Well, I did my favorite girl-name family not too long ago, so now I'm going to do my favorite set of boy-name variants. Louis probably brings to mind one thing--royalty. There have been no less than 18 King Louis of France, and several German/HRE kings as well. It's out-of-style here in North America, but unsurprisingly, still quite popular in Europe.

Original Germanic form: Chlodovech (no idea how to pronounce; not even going to try)
Latinized form: Ludovicus (loo-dov-EE-kus)

Modern forms:
  • Alaois (AH-leesh)--Irish
  • Aloysius (ah-loh-EE-see-us)--Dutch
  • Aloysius (ah-loh-IH-shus)--English
  • Aloysius (ah-LOY-zee-oos)--German
  • Alvise (ahl-VEE-zeh)--Italian
  • Clovis (KLO-vis)--Germanic
  • Koldo (KOL-doh)--Basque
  • Lajos (LAH-yosh)--Hungarian
  • Lewis (LOO-is)--English
  • Loïc (loh-EEK)--Breton
  • Lowe (LOO-veh)--Swedish. Also spelled Love.
  • Ludwig (LOOD-vik)--German
  • Luigi (LOOEE-jee)--Italian
  • Luis (loo-EES)--Spanish

Feminine forms:
  • Aloisia (ah-loh-EE-zee-ah)--German
  • Lovisa (lov-EE-sah)--Swedish
  • Louise (loo-EEZ)--French
  • Ludwika (lood-VEE-kah)--Polish
  • Luisa (LOOEE-sah or LOOEE-zah)--Spanish, Italian

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