Wednesday, January 18, 2012

You're a God, part the final.

Grab-bag time!

  • Amon (AH-mon, Egyptian)--god of creation. Later merged with the sun-god, Ra. Also transliterated as Ammon, Amun, or Yamanu.
  • Jarilo (yah-REE-loh, Slavic)--god of spring and fertility. Also spelled Yarilo.
  • Perun (PEHR-un, Slavic)--god of thunder
  • Tane (TAH-neh, Maori)--god of forests and animals
  • Tapio (TAH-pee-oh, Finnish)--god of forests and hunting

  • Aušrinė (ow-SHREE-neh, Lithuanian)--goddess of the morning star [the planet Venus] and dawn. 
  • Bastet (bahs-TET, Egyptian)--lioness/cat-goddess of the sun and fertility. Also transliterated to Bast or Baset.
  • Dalia (DAHL-yah, Lithuanian)--goddess of fate and property
  • Gabija (gah-bee-YAH, Lithuanian)--goddess of hearth and home.
  • Isis (EYE-sis, Egyptian)--goddess of motherhood & magic. Also transliterated as Iset.
  • Kolyada (kohl-YAH-dah, Slavic)--goddess of sun, particularly the winter solstice.
  • Marama (MAH-rah-mah, Maori)--goddess of the moon
  • Mielikki (mee-eh-lik-KEE, Finnish)--goddess of forests and hunting
  • Morana (MOR-an-ah, Slavic)--goddess of winter
  • Neith (NEETH or NAYTH, Egyptian)--goddess of war and hunting. Also transliterated as Neit.
  • Pele (PAY-leh, Hawaiian)--goddess of volcanoes, fire, and lightning.
  • Saule (SOW-lay, Lithuanian)--goddess of the sun, mother to the planets.
  • Tanith (TAN-ith, Phoenician)--goddess of the moon, fertility, and war. Other forms are Tanis and Tanit.
  • Vellamo (VEL-lah-moh, Finnish)--goddess of the sea
  • Zaria (ZAHR-yah, Slavic)--goddess of beauty
  • Živa (ZHEE-vah, Slavic)--goddess of love, fertility, and spring

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