Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Usual Nickname, Unexpected Name--Callie

Callie is another example of a nickname that's become reasonably popular on its own. Originally a nickname for Caroline, I suspect it's another example of the R to L shift. This also helped distance it from Caroline, as it's not the most intuitive nickname in modern American English.

  • Apikalia (ah-pih-KAL-ee-ah, Hawaiian)--form of Abigail
  • Calanthia (kal-AN-thee-ah, English)--from Greek, "beautiful flower"
  • Calista (kal-IS-tah, English)--from Greek, "most beautiful"
  • Calliope (kal-EYE-oh-pee or kal-ee-OH-pay, Greek)--"beautiful voice"
  • Calogera (kah-loh-JEHR-ah, Italian)
  • Calypso (kal-IP-soh, Greek)
  • Catalina (cat-ah-LEE-nah, Spanish)--form of Katherine
  • Kalani (kal-AHN-ee, Hawaiian)
  • Kalina (kal-EEN-ah, Bulgarian)
  • Kalyani (kal-YAH-nee, Indian [Hindi])
  • Michalina (mee-kal-EE-nah, Polish)--feminine form of Michael

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