Sunday, January 15, 2012

Usual Nickname, Unexpected Name--Bella

Fueled by Isabella's insane jump to the top, just-plain-Bella followed a few years after. The fact that it coincides with the Italian word for "pretty" certainly didn't hurt.
For now, Bella may be Twilight-tainted, but that will fade.

  • Amabel (AH-mah-bel, English)--from Latin, "lovable"
  • Arabella (air-ah-BEL-lah, English, Scottish)--prob. an invented name inspired by Annabella.
  • Belinda (bel-IN-dah, English)
  • Bellamy (BEL-ah-mee, English)--from French, "beautiful friend"
  • Bellatrix (BEL-lah-triks, Latin)--"warrior"
  • Bellona (bel-LOH-nah, Latin)--Roman goddess of war
  • Belphoebe (bel-FEE-bee, English)--"beautiful and bright"
  • Christabel (KRIS-tah-bel, English)--Also spelled Christabelle & Christobel.
  • Claribel (KLAIR-ih-bel, English)
  • Dulcibella (dul-si-BEL-lah, English)--from Latin, "sweet and beautiful"
  • Elizabella (ee-liz-ah-BEL-lah, English)--form of Elizabeth/Isabella.
  • Mehetabel (meh-HET-ah-bel, Hebrew)--"God makes happy"
  • Mirabella (MEER-ah-bel-lah, Italian)--"wonderful"
  • Orabela (oh-rah-BEL-lah, Esperanto)--"golden beautiful"
  • Rosabella (ROH-sah-bel-lah, Italian)--"beautiful rose"

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