Monday, January 30, 2012

Same Name?!--Helen

Helen probably brings up conflicting images--first there's Helen of Troy, so beautiful a war was fought over her. And then there's likely your next-door neighbor, your aunt, or the PTA president.
Helen (and medieval variant Ellen) were high on the charts for quite some time; only dropping off a couple generations ago. Other versions seem to be on everyone's lists, though, from the Latinate Helena to the "how-many-ways-can-we-spell-it?" Elena.

  • Alyona (ahl-YOH-nah)--Russian
  • Eilidh (AY-lee)--Scottish
  • Elaine (ee-LAYN)--English
  • Eleni (el-EH-nee)--Greek
  • Elina (EL-ee-nah)--Finnish
  • Ileana (ee-lay-AW-nah)--Romanian
  • Ilona (ee-LOH-nah, EE-lon-ah)--German, Hungarian
  • Léana (LAY-an-ah)--Irish
  • Lenka (LEN-kah)--Czech
  • Lenuta (len-OO-tsah)--Romanian
  • Nell (NEL)--English
  • Yelena (ye-LEH-nah, EE-leh-nah)--Russian

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