Sunday, July 8, 2012

Usual Name, Unexpected Nickname--Margaret

As the centuries have passed, so have our nickname conventions. Most of the historical nicknames for Margaret seem fusty or nonsensical now--Madge, Peggy, Marge, Midge. Even many foreign nicknames have come and gone, or are now considered independent names--MeganRita, Greta, GretelGretchen, Margot.
Of course, the "is it mature enough for a grown woman?" Maggie is still popular, and Maisie is definitely hip.
Sheesh, are there even any "new" nicknames for Margaret left?

  • Gita (GEE-tah)--Czech
  • Gosia (GAWSH-ah)--Polish
  • Greetje (KRAYT-yeh)--Dutch
  • Mamie/Mayme (MAY-mee)--English
  • Manci (MAWN-tsee)--Hungarian
  • Märta (MEHR-tah)--Swedish
  • Marzena (mahr-ZHEH-nah)--Polish
  • Meta (MEH-tah)--Scandinavian
  • Molly (MOL-lee)--English

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