Saturday, July 28, 2012

Usual Nickname, Unexpected Name--Len/Leni/Lena

Poor Lenny. The go-to nickname for old-man Leonard, he's probably out of general favor for another generation or so, since boys' name trends cycle more slowly than girls. Short and simple Len, however, fits in nicely with other succinct names in style right now, and it, along with Leni (LEH-nee), are also quite chic for girls abroad.

  • Balendin (bah-len-deen, Basque)--form of Valentine
  • Cillian (KIL-ee-an, Irish)--Anglicized as Killian
  • Emilian (em-EE-lee-an, Romanian)--masculine of Emilia
  • Erlend (EHR-lend, Scandinavian)
  • Laurence (LAW-rens, English)
  • Lewin (LOO-en, English)--"dear friend"
  • Stelian (stel-ee-AN, Romanian)
  • Waylon (WAY-lon, English)

  • Apolena (ah-paw-LEH-nah, Czech)
  • Belén (beh-LEHN, Spanish)
  • Eleni (el-EH-nee, Greek)--form of Helen [actually, pretty much any variant of Helen would work nicely]
  • Ghislain (zhees-LEHN, French)--form of Giselle
  • Kalena (kah-LEH-nah, Hawaiian)--form of Karen
  • Leandra (leh-AHN-drah, Spanish, Portuguese)
  • Lenora (len-OR-ah, English)--form of Eleanor [pretty much any variant of Eleanor would work nicely, too]
  • Lenuţa (len-OOTZ-ah, Romanian)--form of Helen
  • Lorena (loh-REH-nah, Italian, Spanish)--form of Lorraine
  • Magdalena (mahg-dah-LEH-nah, Latin)--form of Magdalene
  • Marilena (mah-ree-LEH-nah, Italian, Romanian)
  • Ségolène (say-goh-LEN, French)

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