Saturday, October 13, 2012

Bi-cultural Names--Scandinavian/English (boys)

Yes, I'm cheating. There's so much overlap/similarity between the names used in the Scandinavian countries (Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland), and such inconsistency on which name is used where (at least from English/American sources), that it seems better to lump them all together. (and FWIW, I only included names with documented use in at least 2 of the aforementioned nations)

Spelled the same, but (usually) with slight pronunciation difference:
  • Axel--English, AK-sel; Scandinavian, AHK-sel
  • Albert--English, AL-bert, Scandinavian, AHL-behrt
  • Alexander--English, al-eks-AN-der; Scandinavian, ahl-eks-AHN-der
  • Alfred--English, AL-fred; Scandinavian, AHL-fred
  • August--English & Scandinavian, AW-gust
  • Carl--English & Scandinavian, KAHRL
  • Christian--English, KRIS-chen, KRIS-tyen; Scandinavian, KREES-tyahn
  • Daniel--English, DAN-yel; Scandinavian, DAHN-yel
  • David--English, DAY-vid; Scandinavian, DAH-vid
  • Elias--English, eh-LYE-ahs; Scandinavian, eh-LEE-ahs
  • Erik--English & Scandinavian, EHR-ik
  • Finn--English & Scandinavian, FIN
  • Gabriel--English, GAY-bree-el; Scandinavian, GAH-bree-el
  • Gunnar--English, GUN-nar; Scandinavian, GOON-nar
  • Herman--English, HER-man; Scandinavian, HEHR-man
  • Hugo--English, HYOO-goh; Scandinavian, HOO-goh
  • Jacob--English, JAY-kob; Scandinavian, YAH-kob
  • Jonas--English, JOH-nas; Scandinavian, YOH-nahs
  • Jonathan--English, JON-ah-than; Scandinavian, YOH-nah-thahn
  • Kai--English & Scandinavian, KYE
  • Kevin--English & Scandinavian, KEV-in
  • Linus--English, LYE-nus; Scandinavian, LEE-nus
  • Marcus--English & Scandinavian, MAHR-kus
  • Martin--English & Scandinavian, MAHR-tin
  • Otto--English & Scandinavian, OT-toh
  • Philip--English & Scandinavian, FIL-ip
  • Robert--English, ROB-ert; Scandinavian, ROH-bert
  • Roger--English, ROJ-er; Scandinavian, ROH-gehr
  • Samuel--English, SAM-yel; Scandinavian, SAHM-wel
  • Sebastian--English, seh-BAST-yen; Scandinavian, seh-BAHST-yahn
  • Simon--English, SYE-mon; Scandinavian, SEE-mon
  • Thomas--English & Scandinavian, TOM-ahs
  • Tobias--English, toh-BYE-as; Scandinavian, toh-BEE-ahs
  • Vincent--English, VIN-sent; Scandinavian, VEEN-sent

One-two letter difference:
  • Aaron--English, EHR-on; Aron--Scandinavian, AH-rahn
  • Antony--English, AN-toh-nee; Anton--Scandinavian, AN-tahn
  • Christopher--English, KRIS-toh-fer; Christoffer--Scandinavian, kris-TOF-fehr
  • Edward--English, ED-ward; Edvard--Scandinavian, EHD-vahrd
  • Edwin--English, ED-win; Edvin--Scandinavian, EHD-vin
  • Frederick--English, FRED-er-ik; Fredrik--Scandinavian, FREH-drik
  • George--English, JORJ; Georg--Scandinavian, yeh-OHR [Sweden], gee-OHR 
  • Harold--English, HEHR-ohld; Harald--Scandinavian, HAH-rahld
  • Henry--English, HEN-ree; Henrik--Scandinavian, HEN-rik
  • Isaac--English, EYE-zak; Isak--Scandinavian, EE-sahk
  • Jasper--English, JAS-per; Jesper--Scandinavian, YES-pehr
  • Lucas--English, LOO-kas; Lukas--Scandinavian, LOO-kahs
  • Matthias--English, mah-THYE-as; Mathias--Scandinavian, mah-TEE-ahs
  • Oscar--English, OS-kar; Oskar--Scandinavian, OHS-kahr
  • Osmond--English, OZ-mund; Åsmund--Scandinavian, AWS-mun
  • Oswald--English, OZ-wahld; Osvald--Scandinavian, OHS-vahld
  • Patrick--English, PAT-rik; Patrik--Scandinavian, PAH-trik
  • Paul--English, PAWL; Pal--Scandinavian, PAHL
  • Peter--English, PEE-ter; Peder--Scandinavian, PEH-der
  • Ralph--English, RALF; Ralf--Scandinavian, RAHLF
  • Reuben--English, ROO-ben; Ruben--Scandinavian, ROO-ban
  • Richard--English, RICH-ard; Rikard--Scandinavian, RIK-ahrd
  • Solomon--English, SOL-o-mon; Salomon--Scandinavian, SAH-loh-mon
  • Steven--English, STEE-ven; Stefan--Scandinavian, STEH-fahn
  • Theodore--English, THEE-oh-dohr; Theodor--Scandinavian, TEE-oh-dohr
  • Victor--English, VIK-tor; Viktor--Scandinavian, VIK-tohr
  • Walter--English, WAHL-ter; Valter--Scandinavian, VAHL-tehr

Larger difference, but still recognizable:
  • Andrew--English, AN-droo; Anders--Scandinavian, AHN-dehrs
  • Francis--English, FRAN-sis; Frans--Scandinavian, FRAHNS
  • John--English, JAHN; Jan--Scandinavian, YAHN
  • Michael--English, MYE-kel; Mikkel--Scandinavian, MEEK-kel
  • Neil--English, NEEL; Njal--Scandinavian--NYAHL
  • Nicholas--English, NIK-oh-lahs; Niklas--Scandinavian, NIK-lahs
  • Oliver--English, OL-ih-ver; Alvar--Scandinavian, AHL-vahr
  • William--English, WIL-yam; Vilhelm--Scandinavian, VIL-helm

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