Saturday, October 20, 2012

Same Name?!?--Agatha

Oh, that tricky 'th'. Agatha is mostly recognizable from language to language, but that last syllable sure is variable.
With only 51 girls named Agatha in 2011, it's probably not a name we can expect to see a lot of anytime soon. I can imagine it's still a bit too musty for most, but if the 100-year rule holds true, maybe Agatha will surprise us.

Original Greek form: Agathe [Αγαθη] (ah-GAH-thee)
English form: Agatha (AG-ah-thah)

Other forms:
  • Agafya (ah-GAH-fyah)--Russian
  • Agata (ah-GAH-tah)--Czech, Italian, Polish, Scandinavian, Spanish
  • Agathe (ah-GAHT)--French
  • Agathe (ah-GAH-teh)--German
  • Agda (AHG-dah)--Swedish
  • Ågot (AW-goht)--Norwegian
  • Ágota (AG-oh-tah)--Hungarian
  • Águeda (AH-geh-dah)--Portuguese, Spanish

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  1. I think you're right about Agatha. I mean, Tabitha seems to be getting a fair bit of attention, so I don't see why Agatha would be left behind. Agatha (with that exact spelling) was actually #67 in Brazil in 2011, proving that she is getting some love somewhere in the world :) Also, although Águeda is the Portuguese form of Agatha, most commonly you will just see Agata being used. Great post.