Saturday, October 27, 2012

Usual Nickname, Unexpected Name--Bree

Bree-names are big right now. From the fairly-established AubreyBrianna, & Gabriella, to the modern Cambria, Brielle, & Bria, and even new inventions, like Aubrianna, Abriella, & Mabree, Bree is a nickname we're likely to keep seeing more and more of. But if you're not willing to use a top 100 name, or a recent innovation, what's left?

  • Briallen (bree-AHL-len, Welsh)--"primrose"
  • Bricia (BREE-see-ah, Spanish)--origin uncertain; prob. a  form of Bridget or of Bricius/Bryce
  • Brighde (BREE-jeh, Scottish)--form of Bridget
  • Brigida (BREE-zhee-dah, Portuguese; BREE-hee-dah, Spanish)--yet another form of Bridget
  • Briseida (bree-SAY-dah, Spanish)-form of Briseis
  • Brisen (BREE-sen, Welsh)
  • Brîska (BREE-skah, Kurdish)--"glitter"
  • Brizo (BREE-zoh, Greek)
  • Bryndis (BRIN-dees, Norwegian)
  • Fabrizia (fah-BREE-tzee-ah, Italian)
  • Sabriye (SAH-bree-eh, Turkish)--"patient"

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