Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Usual Nickname, Unexpected Name--Ed/Eddie

I admit, I love most of the Ed-names. There's just something about them. Edward is easily the most common,  but there are lots of ways to get to Eddie and the more archaic nicknames of Ned & Ted.

  • Edelmiro (eh-del-MEER-oh, Spanish)--from Germanic, "noble and famous"
  • Eder (eh-dehr, Basque)--"handsome"
  • Edgar (ED-gar, English)--from Germanic, "blessed spear". Other forms include Edgard (French) and Edgardo (Spanish)
  • Edis (EH-dees, Norwegian)--form of Giles/Aegidius. Older form is Edias
  • Edison (ED-ih-son, English)
  • Ediz (eh-DEEZ, Turkish)--"high"
  • Edlef (ED-lef, Germanic)--"blessed wolf"
  • Edmar (ED-mar, Scandinavian)--from Germanic, "wealthy and famous"
  • Edmund (ED-mund, English)--from Germanic, "blessed protector". Other forms include Edmond (French), Edmao (Limburgish), Edmondo (Italian), & Edmundo (Portuguese & Spanish)
  • Ednar (ED-nar, Norwegian)--masculine of Edna
  • Edric (ED-rik, English)--from Germanic, "blessed ruler"
  • Edsart (ED-sart, Frisian)--from Germanic, "brave sword"
  • Edur (eh-door, Basque)--"snow"
  • Edwin (ED-win, English)--from Germanic, "blessed friend"

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