Saturday, March 16, 2013

Same Name?!?--Agnes

Oh, poor Agnes. Once one of the most popular girls names in all the English-speaking world, she fell off the charts in the early 70s, and has hardly been seen since. If the "hundred-year rule" holds true, we may be seeing more of her soon, but thanks to a celebrated saint, you can already find a different version in nearly every language in the Western world.

Original Greek form: Hagne [Άγνη] (HAHG-nee)
Latin form: Agnes (AHG-nes)

Other forms:
  • Agnė (AHG-nay)--Lithuanian
  • Agnese (ahn-YEH-zeh)--Italian
  • Agnese (AHG-neh-seh)--Latvian
  • Agnessa (ahg-NYEH-sah)--Russian
  • Agneta (ang-NEH-tah)--Scandinavian. Also spelled Agnetha.
  • Agneza (ahg-NEH-zah)--Croatian
  • Agnieszka (ag-NYESH-kah)--Polish
  • Agnija (AHG-nee-ah)--Macedonian, Serbian
  • Annis (AN-nis)--English
  • Aune (OW-neh)--Finnish
  • Inès (ee-NEZ)--French
  • Inês (EE-nez)--Portuguese
  • Inés (ee-NES)--Spanish
  • Inez (ee-NEZ, EYE-nez)--English
  • Jagusia (yah-GOO-shah)--Polish
  • Nancy (NAN-see)--English
  • Nesta (NES-tah)--Welsh
  • Neža (NEH-zhah)--Slovene
  • Oanez (WAHN-ez)--Breton

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