Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Usual Nickname, Unexpected Name--Evie/Evvie

That's a double-V, not a W. ;)
Evie is one of the fasting-rising nicknames, from traditional picks like Evelyn, Eva, & Evangeline, modern choices like Everly, Evianna, & Ever, and even imports like Ivanna, Evelina, & Evelia. There's possibilities for every style.

  • Eavan (EE-van, Irish)--"beautiful radiance". Anglicized from Aoibheann.
  • Evadne (eh-VAHD-nee, [ancient] Greek)--"good and holy"
  • Evalda (EH-vahl-dah, Scandinavian)
  • Evalill (EH-vah-lil, Scandinavian)--combination of Hebrew Eve ("life") & Old Norse "little"
  • Evangeliya (eh-vahn-geh-LEE-yah, Bulgarian)--"good messenger" [angel]
  • Evanthe (eh-VAHN-thee, [ancient] Greek)--"good flower". Latin form is Evanthia.
  • Evdokia (ev-doh-KEE-ah, Greek)--"good thought"
  • Eveliese (eh-veh-LEE-zeh, German)--combination of Eva & Elisabeth
  • Evena (EH-veh-nah, Scandinavian)--other forms are Evinda & Evina.
  • Everild (EV-er-ild, English)
  • Everina (eh-veh-REE-nah, Scandinavian)--feminine of Evert [Everett]. Another form is Everta.
  • Evgenia (ev-GEN-yah, Greek)--feminine of Evgenios [Eugene]
  • Évike (AY-vih-keh, Hungarian)--form of Eve
  • Evita (eh-VEE-tah, Spanish)--another form of Eve
  • Evren (ev-REHN, Turkish)--"the universe" [unisex]
  • Ewara (EH-vah-rah, German)--"law and protection"
  • Ifanwy (ee-VAN-wee, Welsh)
  • Ivančica (ee-vahn-CHEE-tsah, Croatian)--"daisy"

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