Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Usual Nickname, Unexpected Name--Grab Bag I (boys)

There are quite a few popular nicknames that are seriously lacking a variety of sources! Of course, I have to try anyway. This will definitely be the first of several of these 'grab bag' posts.
Thanks to Ashlie for several nickname suggestions. :)

"Dom" without Dominic:
  • Adomas (ah-DOM-as, Lithuanian)--form of Adam
  • Damasus (dah-MAH-soos, Latin)
  • Damir (DAHM-eer, Slavic)--"giving peace"
  • Dómald (DOH-mald, Icelandic)
  • Domar (doh-MAHR, Swedish)
  • Domen (DOM-en, Slovene)--form of Dominic
  • Domitian (dom-EE-tee-an, dom-ISH-an, English)
  • Edom (EE-dom, English)

"Huck/Hux" without Huxley (had to go really surname-y for this one!):
  • Habakkuk (huh-BAK-uk, HAB-ah-kuk, English)--from Hebrew, "embrace"
  • Huckett (HUK-ett, English)--surname form of Hugh
  • Huckin/Hukin, Huckins/Hukins (HUK-in, HUK-ins)--another surname form of Hugh
  • Hucknall  (HUK-nal, English)--surname, "Hucca [tribe] valley"
  • Huxham (HUKS-am, English)--surname, "Hoc's home"

"Sam" without Samuel:
  • Bassam (bah-SAM, Arabic)--"smiling"
  • Samad (sam-AHD, Arabic)--"eternal"
  • Samang (sahm-ANG, Khmer)--"lucky"
  • Samay (sam-EYE, Khmer)--"daydream"
  • Samir (sam-EER, Arabic)
  • Sampo (SAHM-poh, Finnish)
  • Samson (SAM-son, English)--from Hebrew, "sun"
  • Samuli (SAH-moo-lee, Finnish)--form of Samuel

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