Saturday, September 17, 2011

Calendar Names

It appears that the holiday shopping season is upon us again (and getting earlier every year, it seems), which got me thinking about Christmas-type names, which of course, got me thinking of all sorts of name things. Names like Noelle and Natalie are fairly well known for their Christmas connections, but what about other holidays? So, here are some names with holiday or other calendar meanings.

  • Dominic (DOM-in-ik, English)--traditionally given to boys born on a Sunday
  • Ekain (eh-kine, Basque)--"June"
  • Lenz (LENTS, German)--"springtime"
  • Noel (NOLE, NO-el, English)--from French, "Christmas". French form is Noël.
  • Palmiro (pahl-MEER-oh, Italian)--traditionally given to boys born on Palm Sunday
  • Pascal (pas-KAHL, Dutch, French, & German)--"Easter" or "Passover". Other forms include Pascual (Spanish) and Pasco (Cornish).

  • Abena (a-BEHN-ah, Akan)--"born on Tuesday"
  • Afia (AH-fee-ah, Akan)--"born on Friday"
  • Akiko (ah-kee-ko, Japanese)--"summer child"
  • Calan (CAL-an, Welsh)--"New Year's Day"
  • Candela (cahn-DEHL-ah, Spanish)--"Candlemas" (Feb. 2)
  • Hazan (hah-ZAHN, Turkish)--"autumn"
  • Iona (ee-OH-nah, Welsh)--from Ionor, "January"
  • Medeni (med-AY-nee, Welsh)--"born in September"
  • Natalie (NAT-ah-lee, French & German)--"Christmas". Other forms include Natalia (Italian) and Natalya/Natasha (Russian).
  • Nedelya (ned-EHL-yah, Bulgarian)--"Sunday" 
  • Noelle (no-EL, English, French)--feminine of Noel
  • Suvi (SOO-vee, Finnish)--"summer"
  • Tiffany (TIF-fan-ee, English)--traditionally given to girls born on Epiphany (Jan. 6). Original form is Theophania.
  • Tola (toh-LAH, Khmer)--"October"
  • Vera (VEHR-ah, Albanian)--"summer"
  • Vesna (VEHS-nah, Slavic)--"spring"

  • Sivan (see-VAHN, Hebrew)--9th month of the Hebrew calendar, usually May-June.
  • Tammuz (tahm-MOOZ, Hebrew)--10 month of the Hebrew calendar, usually June-July.

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