Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Usual Nickname, Unexpected Name--Mia

Mia. At just three letters, it's easily the shortest female name in common usage today. That's probably why, despite it's overwhelming world-wide popularity, it still feels incomplete to many an expectant parent. Originally, Mia was a nickname for Maria, but in modern English (when not used by itself) it's more likely a nickname for the fast-on-the-comeback Amelia.

  • Damiana (dah-mee-AH-nah, Italian)--feminine form of Damian
  • Demetria (de-MEE-tree-ah, Greek)
  • Efimia (eh-FEE-mee-ah, Greek)--"speaks well". Modern form of Euphemia.
  • Miela (mee-EL-ah, Esperanto)
  • Milena (mee-LEH-nah, Czech, Italian, Polish, Russian)
  • Millaray (mee-ah-RYE, Spanish)--from Mapuche, "golden flower"
  • Miranda (meer-AN-dah, English)--"wonderful"
  • Mireia (mee-RAY-ah, Catalan)
  • Miriam (MEE-ree-am, Hebrew)--original form of Mary
  • Miruna (mee-ROO-nah, Romanian)
  • Miyako (mee-yah-koh, Japanese)--"beautiful night child"
  • Noemia (no-EHM-ee-ah, Portuguese)--form of Naomi
  • Salomea (sah-lom-EE-ah, Polish)--"peace"

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