Friday, September 23, 2011

Usual Nickname, Unexpected Name--Kori/Corey

Although I generally write this sort of posts for very popular (some would say overused) nicknames, today I'm writing about Cory. Originally a surname of unknown/varied origins (possibilities include French, Norse, & Scottish), it became a boys' name, peaking in popularity in the 70s & 80s. As expected, it also started being used as a girls' name, but oddly enough, never became popular. Currently, Corey is the most popular male form, sitting down in the 300s on the SSA chart. Kori is the most popular girls' form, but it doesn't even rank in the top 1000. While it is a full name on its own, the "ee" ending may sound a bit too informal for some.

  • Corbin (KOR-bin, English)--"raven"
  • Cordell (kor-DELL, English)
  • Corentin (KOR-en-tin, Breton)
  • Corin (kor-in, French)
  • Cormac (KOR-mac, Irish)
  • Cornelius (kor-NEE-lee-us, Latin)
  • Cornell (kor-NELL, English)
  • Corrado (kor-RAH-do, Italian)--form of Conrad
  • Corwin (KOR-win, English)
  • Krikor (KRIH-kohr, Armenian)--form of Gregory

  • Coralie (KOR-ah-lee, French)
  • Cordelia (kohr-DEE-lee-ah or kohr-DEHL-ee-ah, English)
  • Cordula (KOR-doo-lah, German)--"heart"
  • Coriander (KOH-ree-an-der, English)
  • Corinna (koh-RIN-nah or koh-REE-nah, English)
  • Corinne (koh-reen, French)
  • Corisande (koh-ih-SAHND, French)
  • Cornelia (kor-NEE-lee-ah or kohr-NEHL-ee-ah, Latin)
  • Corona (koh-ROH-nah, Latin)--"crown"
  • Kishori (kee-shohr-ee, Indian [Hindi])
  • Kokoro (koh-koh-roh, Japanese)--"heart, spirit"
  • Socorro (soh-KOR-roh, Spanish)--"help" or "relief"

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