Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Perennially Unpopular (Girls)

I'd intended to only do one post on perpetually uncommon names, but the boys' list ran pretty long! So, in continuation, here are a selection of girls' names that just can't quite catch on. They're never popular, but are in consistent use, staying just on the edge of obscurity.

  • Allegra (ahl-LEG-rah, Italian)--"cheerful"
  • Astrid (AHS-trid, Scandinavian)
  • Berenice (behr-en-EYE-see, English; or behr-en-EE-chay, Italian)--ancient form of Veronica 
  • Blythe (BLITHE [long 'i' like in "like"; 'th' like in "the"], English)--"cheerful"
  • Cecily (SES-il-ee, English)
  • Coral (KOHR-ahl, English)
  • Coralie (KOHR-ah-lee, French)
  • Danae (dah-NAH-ee, Greek; dah-NAY, English)
  • Davina (dah-VEE-nah, Scottish)--feminine form of David
  • Dinah (DYE-nah, Hebrew)
  • Evelina (ev-el-EE-nah, English)--form of Aveline
  • Georgina  (jor-JEE-nah, English)
  • Imogen (IM-o-jen, English)
  • Isadora (is-ah-DOH-rah, English)
  • Linnea (LIN-ay-ah, Swedish)
  • Mercy (MUR-see, English)
  • Petra (PEH-trah, Greek)--feminine form of Peter
  • Portia (POHR-shah, Latin) 
  • Renata (ren-AH-tah, Italian)
  • Rosaline (ROZ-ah-line or ROZ-ah-leen, English)
  • Seraphina (sehr-ah-FEE-nah, Latin)
  • Thea (THEE-ah or THAY-ah, Greek)--a stand-alone nickname for Dorothea/Theodora or Althea, and a form of Theia.
  • Theodora (thee-o-DOHR-ah, Greek)--feminine form of Theodore

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